What is normal mental functioning?

Mental disorders are so frequent among different nations that scholars more often occupy themselves with subtleties of mental functioning. They are related to chemistry, biology, psychiatry, and psychology. To start with, mental functioning is the essential activity of the brain that ensures the integrity of all bodily systems and their activity. In brief, a proper mental functioning allows the body to work and bring physical and emotional well-being to the individual.
Mental health is related to physical well-being tighter than we may think. The way we perceive our environment, react to stressful situations, work, and relax define which hormones are being released. Hormones of stress when not neutralized by serotonin and others suppress vital body functions and do not let us perform the simplest routine actions. Under the stress, we often find it impossible to eat, work, or even breathe. Certainly, our ability to comprehend, memorize, concentrate, and create is limited too. A person being at physical, cognitive, and emotional slowdown for a long time is characterized as the one having an impaired mental function.
Mental health issues typically arise in the elderly, but young people are not protected from developing anorexia, anxiety, or depression. Mental functioning is vulnerable to present-day routine stressors, therefore, staying healthy is quite an art. At the same time, being distressed is a passing condition if we cope with it wisely. Mental disorders are serious impairments, and they arise due to a long-term neglect of one’s body and mind.

Internet Marketing and the Growth of the Dying Marketing Industry

After claims that traditional marketing is dead, things are not going badly yet. Internet marketing has come to save all entrepreneurs tired of branding, advertising, and corporate communication. The same processes now are handled online. Creating a website, banners, and landing pages is more productive than giving out leaflets on the street or utilizing any other means of old marketing. People certainly pay attention to bus-sized ads in the streets just because they are too big but they hardly rush to purchase these products. Instead, customized adds on social media are cheaper, smarter, and relevant to users themselves.
On the bright side, many businesses already have some basic online presence. Digital advertising they encounter on search engines and social network is powerful enough to bring them customers at a reasonable cost. After getting to their customers, businesses further work to retain them. Many companies strongly optimized their online marketing. As there is a lot of spam on the web, companies with bright and creative content have more chances to become visible. Going online does not mean that marketing specialists have an advertising campaign ready at the very moment they think about it. They have to work hard to promote their services, but all their efforts are highly customized. Companies cannot allow themselves to ignore the whims of their clients like they did before the digital era.

The Generational Gap: How Generations Are Further Apart Because of Technology

The generation gap seems to have widened with the digital breakthrough. Indeed, parents can hardly catch up with their children living in the online world for most of their time. However, we cannot say that current misunderstanding between parents and children is wider than it has been 30 years ago. After all, baby boomers already lived in a technically-modernized world, and some of them find it not so difficult to coexist with smart devices and social media.
To be honest, modern parents are always connected to kids by cell phone and online. Many families use this advantage and communicate closely with children. It helps elders to stay aware of what happens in the personal universe of their child. Many parents live in a digital environment just like their children so that they have alike tastes and hobbies. Baby boomers often understand current needs of their children and do not expect them to be just as their own problems of youth. Even more, elders are proud of their children being different and more progressive than they were.
Unfortunately, not all families are happy like that. Parents and children can still be very different. Baby boomers are radical by nature, and many of them are far from flexible. Stubbornness exacerbates with the age, and children who have a huge age gap with their parents suffer more from it. As for the rest, relations strongly depend on the everyday environment of people and their way of life. The digital age is not a hurdle for families who want to understand each other better.

Digital Reading: How the Brain Has Changed as a Result

Digital age brought us plenty of entertainment options but reading remains the most popular leisure-time activity for many. Whether a hard copy or a digital version, books allow us to dive into surreal worlds that are more exciting than anything Hollywood can give us. A change of formats does not distort content in any way so that we rely on our personal preference, convenience, or pleasure from reading a book of a particular type. Nevertheless, neuroscientists find some disadvantages in digital reading and debunk its convenience.
It turns out that an average reader processes about 500 words per minute when reading online or on the device. Their reading comprehension is low because they catch about 25% of all the information people can see. Looking through and scanning the text are inevitable in a digital reading, and readers refuse to accept long texts as they are.
The form of reading also impacted our retention rates. We better memorize information from printed books probably because we can make notes there and can estimate the processed text spatially. We can remember on which side of the page important information is in a hard copy but this rule does not work for an e-book.
It looks like smart devices taught us to read more and memorize less of what we see. In a way, it is a convenient skill because our brain tries to omit unnecessary parts and search only for relevant information. Low retention is certainly a pity, but a look-through type of reading is a positive skill. We have to deal with the excessive content we encounter because there is no particular need for us to remember it all.

Why People Are Not More Culturally Friendly Now

Cultural hostility comes from ignorance or hyper-appreciation of one’s own culture. We are naturally cautious to what is new and unknown, and the only way to combat this fear is to get acquainted with people and their cultures. We cannot say that the globalization has destroyed many small cultures and pushed people to love American culture more than any other one. On the contrary, we got the access to countless nationalities and their heritage once the internet has come to every house. The only point is, cultures of top economies are promoted much more actively.
Cultural friendliness goes hand in hand with tolerance and openness to everything new. In democratic societies, people are much more friendly to their foreign peers than in post-totalitarian states. Peaceful political climate and steady economic development ensure partnership, not competition between peoples. There is no greater cause for hostility than being at war. Except for armed conflicts, plenty of countries are involved in ‘proxy wars’ where they support parties of the conflict or act in their interests.
To be culturally friendly, we shall take interest in other people and establish connections. Years ago, we could hardly do it staying at home. Back then, clubs and various forms of social interaction thrived. Today we can join online communities to get interested in their events (concerts, shows, workshops) before we get to know a new culture better. We can easily read, listen to music, and watch movies to discover appeals of a different culture.

Term Papers and Critical Thinking

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Essay: How to Make Mathematics Easy

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Child abuse essay sample


What is important to remember in terms of child abuse is that it is not merely physical abuse we are talking about. Surely, physical abuse is visible. However, there is also emotional abuse as well as neglect to take into consideration.

Another significant aspect to take into account is that abuse usually leaves scars that are not that simple to heal. For this reason, it is important to be able to provide all necessary help to such child as soon as possible. In such a way, that child is going to heal quicker as well as even forget or at least try to forget about all those painful incidents.

The most common effects of child abuse are the following. To begin with, they lose the ability to trust someone as well as experience relationship difficulties. After several months or years of abuse, the child starts to believe that she or he really is worthless or that she or deserves it. Obviously, it is not true. However, the child already feels damaged which means that a lot needs to be done in order to heal all those wounds. Another effect of child abuse is the inability to regulate one’s emotions. Those emotions are either stuck inside or come out in some very unexpected ways. Learn more about child abuse at … orderessay.net

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